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to my Hard Rock Cafe fan site. More than twenty years ago I visited the first Hard Rock Cafe. Since 2008 I plan my holidays with a visit to a Hard Rock Cafe in mind.

My first visit at a Hard Rock Cafe was 1991 in Orlando, Florida. My friend Alberto and I were at the Universal Studios and had so many things to see , so we missed lunch. Late afternoon we took photos of Norman Bates House from the Hitchcock movie "Psycho". We wer hungry by now and Alberto suggested the nearby Hard Rock Cafe.

The house had the shape of a Guitar. The neck of the guitar was a bridge across a street to the parking lot. Above the entrance the rear of a car stuck out of the wall. We got a table up on the gallery, from there we had a great view to the groundfloor and a big window with Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis.

A Club Sandwich was my first culinary experience with Hard Rock Cafe.

When leaving the cafe I saw the shop. I always licked souvenirs, unlike Alberto. I purchased a grey Sweatshirt and a plastic watch, looking like a Swatch.


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